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Bathroom Renovation

We collaborate with a variety of qualified businesses and contractors, or you can hire us as independent engineers. We are here to offer guidance, support, and assistance as you work toward completing your bathroom renovation.

Early consultations with Eco Flame’s gas safe expert will guarantee there are no glitches along the route.

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Frequently asked questions

A property that needs work is probably going to be less expensive than one that has been refurbished. The asking price for expanded homes or those that have been finished

An exciting and satisfying experience, doing a renovation job. But with a renovation, you never start from scratch, unlike when building a new house. As a result, remodelling a property can be challenging and complicated. A successful project depends on being well-prepared.

Starting with the room that is farthest from your entry door is a good option. Then carry on working with other rooms in same manner. You can avoid strolling through newly remodelled spaces by doing this.

The main distinction between both is that a remodel entails the creation of something new, whilst a renovation refers to returning something to its original state.

To help you save money, we often advise laying your flooring after installing your cabinetry. Additionally, until your flooring is installed, we normally advise leaving your kickboards off your cabinets. This makes it possible to run your flooring just slightly under your cabinets for a cleaner appearance.